The 24ft cutter Ila sits at anchor shortly after launch in 2006. I love this picture, it stops me everytime I'm thumbing through the files. Where could we go in a boat like that?


The 22Ft Cutter Lady Jana (Ex Surprise) is for sale. She is seen here circa 2000 in Alaskan waters.
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 Plans for the 15ft Plywood Garvey Design #240 appear in the Nov/Dec issue of Water Craft Magazine.

Click here for design details and to order scale drawings


Full Plans for the 4.9 metre Cutter 'PUDEL' are published in the September/October issue of Water Craft Magazine.
Scale drawings may be purchased at a special price here.

Click here to see details of 32 ft Gaff Cutter Design #223.



Design #236 45ft Cruising Cutter

Design #235 30ft Double ended Schooner

Design #233 14ft Plywood Rowboat

Design #231 10ft Sailing Dinghy

Design #230 15ft Clamming Skiff

Design #229 24ft Light Double Ended Sloop

Design #228  6 Metre Cabin Launch

Design #227 25ft Tancook Schooner

Design #226 17ft BEACH CRUISER

Design #225 18ft CENTREBOARD SLOOP

Design #224  12.2 METRE SCHOONER 


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PLANS & DREAMS: 23 Ready-to-Build Boat Designs, a book by Paul Gartside, is available for purchase from this website (see link below). It's a big, beautiful book, containing a collection of complete plan sets (with detailed technical information), as well as essays from Water Craft magazine on all aspects of boatbuilding.

Click here to order PLANS & DREAMS VOL 1.