7 ft Clinker Pram »

This little boat is a real favourite and probably one of the best I have ever done in terms of fitness for purpose and the pleasure derived from building and usage.

It is also one that I often recommend as a good introduction to traditional methods for home builders. Material cost is very modest, so it is a good place to practice. Building procedure is straightforward. The molds and transoms are set up on a frame, planking is laid, and the shell lifted off the jig. The frames are then steamed and bent into place and fastened. Sounds simple enough, and it is, but there is considerable art in lining out the planks and fitting the rebates. With a transom at either end the fit of every plank is visible, it is a test piece, and the lessons learned here will stand the builder in good stead for larger projects.

Lines plan and specifications are in the stock plan catalog.

Finishing touches

A batch of 3 pram dinghies leaving the varnish shop. Photo: Cindy LeeA small boat a long way from home