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How did this one get named "Bob"?

Most of the designs we build in our shop get a name along the way, and usually it's the name the owner gives the boat. In this case the owners didn't want to name it. However, they are collectors of "Bob" memorabilia, and we thought we should refer to the design in honor of their quirky senses of humour.

Sea trials on the West Coast

"Bob" represents the culmination of much thought and experience with open water rowboats. Her proportions, shape and weight are as close to ideal as I can make them for a beach cruiser. She is light and fast and a delight to row with either one or two rowers. See the catalog pages for the hull lines.

The downwind rig.

A simple downwind rig adds a great deal to a rowing boat while taking nothing away. There is no centreboard and the light, narrow hull has no stability for sailing upwind, but when the wind is fair the big lugsail boomed out with an oar reels off the miles effortlessly.