« 13 ft 6 in Clinker Rowboat Design #86 »

This is a nice example of a standard issue English clinker rowboat. It is boat building in its purest and most challenging form and will appeal to those most absorbed by the process of building itself. The boat is suitable for any manner of pleasure use, and although not fast, it is a safe and stable little craft and a beautiful shape.

Lines plans and specification table are in the stock plan catalog.

Stern post detail.

Normally clinker boats are planked up over temporary molds with the frames fitted later. This one was done a little differently, frames first over a full jig of molds and ribbands. This speeds things up if more than one is built at a time (we were building a pair of these), and it also allows for much more accurate placing of fastenings and a higher quality appearance.

A hull coming off the building jig.

Plank fastenings are copper nails, riveted through the frames. It will be seen that many of these have not been driven through, in order to allow the hull to release. Note also that the sheerstrake will not be fitted until the boat is upright, in order to check the final appearance.

Red Cedar with Garry Oak frames, gunwales and knees.Ready for delivery.